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Dr. Jimbob's Lame Medical Informatics Page

Hi. This is my lame Medical Informatics page. Sorry that it's really lame right now, because I haven't gotten around to putting anything in it yet. But check back some time soon; there may be something interesting to see (but probably not) some time real soon!

What's Medical Informatics? (or, What does an informaticist do?)

Unfortunately, I haven't heard a really good answer to this question. Informatics is somewhere in the nether zone between clinical medicine, information technology, and knowledge engineering. Or, it's related somehow to the ways that we gather clinical information, store it, retrieve it, and process it to draw inferences. A longer discussion can be found in the on-line Handbook of Medical Informatics.

A medical informatician could be doing artificial intelligence, database development, vocabulary modeling and development, constructing decision support tools, or doing any of a host of buzzword-compliant activities. In my case, I like to think of myself as someone who can bridge the gap between the clinical world and the computing world, with a foot somewhere on each side.

For more information:

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